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Quantum DLT4000, Dependable, High-Capacity DLTtape Backup for Mid-Range and High-End Computer Systems

High performance 1.5 MB per second native transfer rate.

High capacity 20 GB native capacity.

High reliability and durability.

Features and Benefits
Quantum DLT4000 external tape drive.
Quantum DLT4000 tape drive
DLTTM 4000 half-inch tape system.

Backward compatibility to previous DLTtape formats.

The Market
In today's fast-paced, information-based society, preserving and protecting data is vital for virtually every institution. This is especially true with today's high-speed, high-capacity, mid-range computers; high-end workstations; and high-volume network servers. To meet the crucial data backup needs of these powerful systems, Quantum developed the DLT 4000 half-inch cartridge tape drive. With advanced linear recording technology and a precision tape guidance system, DLT 4000 drives meet the challenge with ease.

A Perfect Combination of Performance and Capacity
In data backup, speed and capacity are paramount. Quantum DLT 4000 drives deliver both with a sustained native transfer rate of 1.5 megabytes (MB) per second and a native capacity of 20 gigabytes (GB). This combination provides an effective backup solution for high-end workstation, server, and network backup requirements.

Engineered for Performance and Reliability
To ensure outstanding performance with unquestionable reliability, Quantum DLT 4000 drives employ many advanced design features. For instance, they utilize a dual-channel read/write system to maximize performance. To ensure the fastest-possible access times, DLT 4000 drives use a unique tape mark directory. The drives also support high-efficiency data compression and compaction to deliver maximum performance and capacity. Adaptive cache buffering optimizes operation with varying host transfer rates.

Quantum Reliability and Data Integrity
Like all Quantum products, Quantum DLTtape drives set the standard for quality and reliability. The inherent design of DLTtape technology produces high durability in heavy-duty commercial applications. To ensure customer data integrity, the drive also features Reed Solomon Error Correction Code, a 64-bit Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC), and parity checking on the SCSI bus and internal data path. This high level of precision and reliability is why you can always trust your data to a Quantum DLTtape drive.

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Quantum SDLT DLT DLTVS DAT LTO Tape Drives

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