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bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Intermec ScanPlus 1800 Series
    Range Of Barcode Scanners
 bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Opticon MSH119
    Barcode Wand/Pen
Latest Product - check it out. bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Intermec ScanPlus 1802
    New Range Of Cordless Scanners
 bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Opticon NSR110 / NSR120
    Barcode Card Reader
bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Intermec MaxiScan 2200
    Self Standing Barcode Scanner
 bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Intermec MagScan
    Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Intermec Sabre 1552
    Heavy Duty Cordless Scanner 
 bullet.gif (166 bytes)  Image BCM3000
    Barcode Printing Module