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DLT 8000 (retired product)

The DLT8000 is now a retired Quantum product, and is no longer available new.  However, we can offer refurbished units available for sale with 12 months RTB warranty.  We also offer a fix price repair service for your faulty or broken DLT8000 tape drive.  Repairs are quick (usually 2-3 days, a same day service is also available for extra cost) and warranted for six months  Please contact us for details.

The Quantum DLT 8000 began shipping in 1998 and has enjoyed a long and useful life. Since then, over 800,000 have been manufactured and shipped into the marketplace. Perhaps you own one. In fact, the DLT 8000 has been one of the most successful tape drive products in storage history. Many DLT 8000s are still providing faithful, reliable service.

Mid 2004 marked the manufacturing of the last DLT 8000 drive. Users of the DLT 8000 will need to decide "what's next" when it comes time to purchase a new DLTtape™ Technology tape drive. The way forward is to upgrade to SDLT technology, which enables you to still read your older DLT media but also provides a larger capacity for your growing backup needs.  Otherwise we can still offer warranted, refurbished DLT8000 tape drives for your convenience.  Whatever the future holds for your Company's storage requirements, we'd be happy to discuss the options with you.

DLT technology is still very reliable, and as such drives are still very much in demand.  DLT8000 drives are read and write backwards compatible with DLT7000, DLT4000 and DLT2000 drives.  They offer a good transfer rate and use the widely available DLTIV (DLT4) media cartridges.  Craystone have internal and external refurbished drives ready, and tested, for sale, and offer a 12 month UK warranty.

DVD Authoring and DLT Master

DLT8000 tape drives are of particular interest to DVD authoring production companies.  We provide DLT8000 drives to DVD production companies who, after processing their work need to transfer the finished product to a master.  This master is typically on a DLT media cartridge.  Longer runs of 500 units or more, or DVDs in formats other than DVD-5 (programs that are over 2 hours long - usually DVD-9) use a DLT master.  The authoring company can then read the DLT tape and press or replicate the work and create the finished DVD.

Model Numbers

• Quantum DLT 8000 tape drive, Internal, LVD/SE SCSI

TH8AG-YF (beige)

• Quantum DLT 8000 tape drive, External Table Top, LVD/SE SCSI

TH8BG-YF (beige)

• Quantum DLT 8000 tape drive, Internal, HVD/Differential SCSI

TH8AF-YF (beige)

• Quantum DLT 8000 tape drive, External Table Top, HVD/Differential SCSI

TH8BF-YF (beige)


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Quantum SDLT DLT DLTVS DAT LTO Tape Drives

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