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Can I write with a DLT4000 on a DLTtapeIV and then read this tape on a DLT7000?
You can write on a DLTtape IV in a DLT4000, then read it from a DLT7000. Writing on a DLTtape IV on the DLT7000 to be read in a DLT4000, must be written in 20GB density. If the DLT7000 writes on the DLTtape IV in 35GB density, the DLT4000 cannot read it and will get a cleaning light on. In this case unload the tape and insert a DLTtape IV that has been written in 20GB density. All of the above are true whether or not compression is enabled.


How often do I need to replace the DLT2000, DLT4000, DLT7000, and the DLT8000 cleaning tape?
A cleaning tape has a maximum of 20 uses. Place a check mark in the box on the tape label after each use.  Once all the boxes are checked, discard the cleaning tape and obtain a new one. 

The part number for the Compact III DLT cleaning tape is THXHC-02.


If I use a DLTtape IV 40/80 GB tape in the DLT4000, will tape be wasted or will it be able to understand the format and utilize the 80 GB compression size?
Regardless of the capacity printed on the cartridge, any DLTtape IV tape cartridge can be used with the DLT 4000. The total capacity that can be stored on the tape depends on the model of DLT tape drive not the tape. The DLTtape IV is used in the DLT 4000, DLT 7000, and the DLT 8000.


Which data cartridges can I use with my Quantum DLT1 or VS80 tape products?
You can write to any new, previously unwritten DLTtape™IV cartridge, any data cartridge previously written in a Quantum DLT1 or VS80 tape drive, or any DLTtape™IV cartridge previously written in a non-Benchmark Tape Systems DLT tape drive, after thoroughly degaussing (bulk-erasing) the cartridge.

Note: Simply erasing the data cartridge in its original drive is not the same as degaussing because the existing, incompatible format remains on the tape cartridge.

The DLT1 or VS80 tape drive is also backward read-compatible with DLTtape™IV artridges written using the DLT4000 format. Please note that although the DLT1 tape drive loads data cartridges with DLT4000 formatting, it cannot write to the data cartridge. If you attempt to write to DLT4000-format data cartridges, your backup application may return a "Write Protected" error. Also note that the model of DLT tape drive that you used to write a data cartridge does not necessarily indicate the format of the tape, since other models of DLT tape drives can write in several different formats. The DLT1 or VS80 tape drive automatically ejects any non-compatible data cartridge. We recommend using only Benchmark Tape Systems DLTtape™IV certified media.


Where can I locate the drive part number of my Quantum tape drive?

         Drive part numbers on Quantum branded tabletop drives are located on the bottom of the enclosure. Internal Quantum branded drive part numbers are located on the top of the drive closes to the front bezel of the drive. The drive part number will start with the following. See chart below.


Part Number or Model Number




















BHxxx-xx or BSxxx-xx





DLT Rack1



Where can I locate the serial number of my internal or external Quantum tape drive?

The serial number is located on a Quantum sticker located on the internal tape drive or on the bottom of the Quantum tabletop enclosure. The drive table below shows its following drive serial number prefixes.







 DLT 4000


 DLT 7000


 DLT 8000


 DLT1 (Quantum Branded)


 Benchmark (Branded tape drives and DLT7 Autoloaders)




 DLT VS160


 SDLT 220


 SDLT 320


 SDLT 600



If I put in a tape into my DLT4000 the write protection light always turns on. If I put the same tape in a different DLT4000 this does not happen. Is there is any setting on the drive making it read-only ?
You may want to try running a cleaning cartridge through the unit that has the write protect light come on. If this occurs again or only with this one tape, please contact our support center at the link below.


My software application reports "Drive Hardware Failure" on my VS80/DLT1 tape drive when running a backup job.
This error is very common when using recycled, improperly degaussed tapes or tapes that have been formatted in the following tape drives, DLT4000, DLT7000 and DLT8000. To avoid this type of error only used Brand New Sealed cartridges with your VS80/DLT1 tape drive.


Are DLTtape IV 40/80GB sizes compatible with the DLT 4000?
Yes. Regardless of the capacity printed on the cartridge, any DLTtape IV tape cartridge can be used with the DLT 4000. The total capacity that can be stored on the tape depends on the model of DLT tape drive not the tape. The maximum capacity of the DLTtape IV used with a DLT 4000 is 20GB native or 40GB compressed.


Do my DLT, DLT1, VS80, VS160 and SDLT have self termination?
The drive does not have on-board SCSI termination. Termination must be supplied at both ends of the SCSI bus.


How do I remove a stuck tape in my DLT1 and VS tape drive?

Verify that the application has not set the Prevent Media Removal Option. Try issuing an unload from the backup application if it has this functionality.


Use the emergency tape eject option by pressing and holding the unload button for approximately 7 seconds.  All 3 LED’s should come on, release the unload button.  This will reset the drive, press the unload button again. The tape should rewind and eject.


If the tape does not come out in spite of all this, then call Tech Support at (888) 827-3378 with the drive’s serial number handy, this is 10 characters long and begins with at least 2 letters.


Is DLT 8000 backwards compatible with DLT 7000 drive? Can you restore a backup taken from DLT 8000 drive using a DLT 7000 drive?
The only time you can go backwards is if the backup was written in the density of the drive you wish to restore it in.

You can restore only if the backup was written in DLT 7000 mode (35/70) on the DLT 8000 drive. If it was written in 40GB/80GB (DLT 8000 mode) then the DLT 7000 will not restore.


What are the recommended SCSI controllers for my drive?
Your DLT drive will work with any standard non RAID SCSI controller (HBA) that have the correct SCSI interface. This could be HVD (High Voltage Differential), LVD (Low Voltage Differential) or SE (Single Ended).


What type of SCSI interface does the DLT1, VS80, VS160 and SDLT tape products have and which SCSI controllers can I use?
Quantum branded tape products use the Low Voltage Differential (LVD) SCSI interface, but can also be attached to a Single Ended (SE) interface. Do not attach a Quantum tape product to a Standard Differential (High Voltage Differential or HVD) SCSI interface. All Benchmark tape products work with any standard, SCSI compliant, LVD or SE SCSI controller. RAID or Array controllers are generally NOT recommended and you should check with the controller manufacturer for compatibility details.


What is the best way to clean my DLT, SDLT, and VS tape drives? Can the head on my tape drive be cleaned with a solvent or alcohol?
No, the only cleaning that can be performed by the user is with compatible Cleaning Media. Depending on the type of tape drive, the celaning media can be a Cleaning Tape III, DLT, SDLT or VS Cleaning. Please check to ensure that appropriate cleaning media is being used.

No solvents or alcohol are approved for cleaning.


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