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Tandberg DLT VS80
The World’s First Half-Height DLT Tape Drive
The Tandberg DLT VS80 is now available to provide you with the very same mission-critical reliability, capacity, performance, and value found in the successful DLT1, but in a half-height form factor.

A smaller form factor is a tremendous benefit in terms of space efficiency for both internal and external applications. The Tandberg DLT VS80 tape drive features DLT technology’s first half-high, 5.25-inch form factor and offers 80 GB of compressed capacity and a 6 MB/second compressed transfer rate. Now PC servers or workstations can be backed up on one single tape cartridge housed in the server itself.

Scalability is the Solution
The Tandberg DLT VS80 provides a safe and easy transition into high-reliability tape technology because it offers true scalability. DLTtapeTM IV media is the basis for making DLT scalability a reality. The quality and reliability of this media is so exceptional that the Tandberg DLT VS80 was developed specifically for DLTtape IV media. This media can be used in any DLT tape drive, plus it’s widely available, so finding it is never an issue. As an added benefit, the Tandberg DLT VS80 is read- and write-compatible with the DLT1 and read-compatible with the DLT4000. DLT scalability is now a reality from the desktop to the enterprise.

Tandberg DLT VS80
Tandberg DLT VS80

  • Half-height form factor
  • 3-year warranty
  • Read backward compatible with the DLT4000 & DLT1 format
  • Supported by all major software suppliers

(Native / Compressed)
Transfer Rate
(Native / Compressed)
40GB | 80GB
3MB/s | 6MB/s
File Access Time Media Load Time
68 sec
48 sec
Compatibility Read: DLT 4000
Write: --

Media Cartridge DLTtape IV
Cleaning Cartridge DLTtape Cleaning Cartridge
Warranty 3 years

Compressed capacities and transfer rates assume a compression ratio of 2:1. Real life operations may yield higher or lower compression ratios.

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