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Tandberg SuperLoaders
Tandberg SuperLoaderThe Tandberg SuperLoader provides automated scalable tape automation in a rack-mountable 2U form factor as well as the high capacity, performance and reliability of DLTtapeTM technology.

Rack optimized Unattended Tape storage
Data center space in network environments is at a premium resulting in new efficient architectures for servers and storage. The Tandberg SuperLoader is a significant advancement in rack optimized tape automation providing the highest removable data storage density available in a 2U high form factor.

Modular Architecture
The SuperLoader system is based on a modular architecture that facilitates unmatched upgradeability, serviceability and configuration flexibility. The tape drive, power supply, cooling and interfaces are contained within a single module that can be replaced or upgraded in seconds. In addition, all 16-cartridge storage slots are contained in two removable, eight-cartridge modules. This allows users to start with an entry-level configuration and easily upgrade capacity and performance as their needs change.

Integrated Remote Management
The Tandberg SuperLoader system is equipped with an Ethernet port that provides direct access to its integrated web-based management tools, without the need to install additional interfaces or software. Using a standard web browser, remote IT personnel can configure, control, monitor, diagnose, maintain and update the SuperLoader system. In addition, the SuperLoader system supports the industry standard SNMP management information base utilized by popular network management packages.

Backward Compatibility
Like all Tandberg DLTtape products, the Tandberg SuperLoader system is designed to provide investment protection by offering backward compatibility to millions of DLTtape media cartridges. The SuperLoader product provides backward read compatibility with millions of DLTtape IV media cartridges recorded on DLT1/VS80, DLT4000, DLT7000 and DLT8000 formats, while the DLT1 SuperLoader can read the DLT1/VS80 and DLT4000 format.


  • Up to 5.1Tbyte in a 2U (3.5-inch high) rack-mountable form factor
  • Choose performance or value with either SDLT 320, SDLT 220 or DLT1 tape drives
  • Scalable capacity from 640GB* to over 5.1TB* with up to 16 cartridges via one or two eight-cartridge modules
  • Modular architecture for fast and easy configuration, service, and upgrades
  • Web-based integrated management tools for remote configuration and control
  • Mail slot for “on-the-fly” cartridge import and export
  • High performance robotic cartridge handling for rapid and reliable access to data
  • Optional bar code reader for expedited inventory management
  • Platform designed for future support of emerging architectures and protocols
  • Backward-read compatibility to millions of DLTtape media cartridges for maximum investment protection

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