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Tandberg SLR Autoloader  up to 1.1Tb  6/12Mb per sec transfer rate

The Tandberg SLR Autoloader brings you the productivity and security of an automated tape solution, as well as the proven reliability and scalability of SLR technology, at an extremely affordable price.

Based on the SLR tape drive and a removable eight-cartridge magazine, the SLR autoloader offers capacities up to 1.1 TByte* and transfer rates up to 43GByte/hr*. The easy to use LCD display allows installation to be completed in three simple steps. Information about the tape drive, robotics, media and cleaning are also available via TapeAlert.

Most autoloaders offer a barcode reader as an option. However, the barcode reader is a standard feature in the SLR Autoloader providing information of stored data and automated media tracking, so that access to data is fast and simple. A security code allows you to lock the autoloader to prevent unauthorized access to the drive, magazine and cartridges.

The SLR Autoloader is designed with scalability and backward compatibility in mind. Users can choose between the SLR75 Autoloader offering 600GB*, SLR100 Autoloader with 800GB* or the SLR140 Autoloader with 1.1 TB* capacity. The SLR Autoloader is also fully backward compatible so all of the previously stored data can be retrieved.

User friendly interface makes operation easy
From the intuitive LCD display to the cartridge magazine that secures all eight cartridges, the Tandberg SLR Autoloader accommodates users by offering an easy-to-use interface. For instance, setup of the Tandberg SLR Autoloader is accomplished in three easy steps in the control panel menu. In addition, the Tandberg SLR Autoloader display panel provides status information on the activity of the drive and loader mechanisms. Finally, a security code allows you to lock the loader and regulate access to the drive, cartridges and magazine.

Operating system and platform software support are assured by certified compatibility with all leading software packages for Sun Solaris, Novell NetWare, Windows NT/2000/2003/XP, IBM AIX, SCO UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS, and more. TapeAlert™, in combination with the intelligence built into the automated Tandberg SLR Autoloader, keeps host software fully aware of the presence of all media and the status of the SLR drive and robotics.

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