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Tandberg SDLT 320 160/320Gb  16/32Mb per sec transfer rate

Taking Capacity and Performance to New Heights
The SDLT 320 represents a major advance in capacity and performance, with 320GB* of compressed storage capacity and a 32MB/sec* sustained data transfer rate (compressed mode).

Building on the successful DLTtape platform, the new SDLT 320 offers an increase in capacity of almost four times and almost triple the data transfer rate of today's biggest selling midrange tape drive, the DLT 8000, making it the ultimate solution for today's demanding backup environments.

The SDLT 320 is based on the technology platform that more companies trust to protect their business critical information assets than any other: DLTtape.

Specifically designed for the high duty-cycle requirements of high-end and automated environments, SDLT 320 drives are rated at 250,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) at a 100% duty cycle.  A low-tension tape design, simple tape path and the proven reliability of linear serpentine tape recording combine to provide users with rock solid reliability and data integrity. And stringent drive and media specifications mean that Super DLTtape™ media is fully interchangeable between all Super DLT tape drives.

The SDLT 320 is the ultimate drive for today's exploding storage requirements and shrinking backup windows. And, its low cost per gigabyte and industry leading density make it ideal for today's automated tape environments. The SDLT 320 can backup 115GB per hour (in compressed mode), and can store 320GB on a single cartridge (compressed). Additionally, all versions are backward read compatible with other DLT storage solutions, (see sidebar), so users of DLTtape drives can seamlessly migrate to the Super DLTtape platform as their storage needs grow. What's more, the SDLT 320 uses the same Super DLTtape 1 media as the SDLT 220, and is fully backward read and write compatible with cartridges written by the SDLT 220.

Available in internal and tabletop versions, the SDLT 320 combines the best of proven optical and magnetic technologies to offer users remarkable improvements in capacity and performance. Super DLTtape's laser-guided optical servo brings the capability of optical tracking technology to tape for the first time, while an advanced Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML) read channel leverages proven disk drive technology to bring new levels of performance and data integrity.


DLTtape systems are recognized worldwide as the industry standard, assuring end users of reliable, high performance tape storage solutions and long-term investment protection. Like its predecessors, the SDLT 320 is fully compatible with the world's leading server brands, operating systems and backup software. And users can count on Super DLTtape to grow with their storage needs, with a four-generation roadmap that offers a clearly defined growth path to over 1 terabyte on a single cartridge.


Tandberg SDLT 320

  • 30,000 hour recording head life
  • 1,000,000 pass media durability
  • 250,000 hours MTBF at 100% duty cycle
  • Full backward read compatibility with DLTtape IV cartridge media written on DLT 4000, DLT 7000, DLT 8000 and DLT 1/VS80 drives.
  • Full backward read and write compatibility with SDLT 1 media written on SDLT 220 drives.
  • 3-year warranty
  • Supported by all major software suppliers

tandberg SDLT320 pricing

Transfer rate
160GB - 320GB 16MB/s - 32MB/s
File Access Time Typical Media Load Time
70 sec 12 sec
Read Compatibility SDLT 220, DLT 8000, DLT 7000, DLT 4000, DLT VS80, DLT1
Write Compatibility SDLT 220
Media (Tape Cartridge) SDLTtape I
Part Number 432302
Cleaning Cartridge SDLTtape Cleaning Cartridge
Part number 432412
Warranty 3 years

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