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Super DLT Product LogoTandberg Data SDLT220 Tape Drive
Tandberg SDLT220 Tape Drive – a breakthrough in recording technology – Laser Guided Magnetic Recording produces a highly scalable platform over multiple product generations

The Tandberg Data SDLT220 tape drive:-

Dramatically higher storage capacity
and performance.

110GB native capacity at 11MB/s
native transfer rate.

Rock solid reliability and data integrity
30.000 hour recording head life

Tandberg Data SDLT220 Tape Drive

3-year warranty.

Supported by all major
software suppliers.

Over the last several years, data backup needs have exploded. While computing continues to steadily expand, the major reason is the incredible growth of the Internet, including eCommerce and eBusiness. DLTtape technology leads the way with the next generation Super DLTtape system, designed to provide data backup and archive storage for mid-range UNIX and Windows NT systems in tape library automation and large corporate departments.

A Major Advance in Capacity and Performance
Building on the successful DLTtape platform and breakthrough magnetic tape technology, the Tandberg SDLT220 tape drive system sets new standards of capacity and throughput with 110GB of storage and sustained data transfer rate of 11MB per second in native mode. To achieve this breakthrough, DLTtape technology includes a number of technical innovations, including Laser Guided Magnetic Recording, Pivoting Optical Servo, Magneto-Resistive Cluster heads, a new high-efficiency Partial Response Maximum Likelihood channel and an Advanced Metal Powder media.

These advances ensure that DLTtape technology will be the industry-standard platform for long-term scalability in midrange and enterprise storage of the future, offering more than 1TB of storage capacity per data cartridge and up to 100 MB/sec. data transfer rate (native/uncompressed). Future models will also be backward-read compatible with DLT4000, DLT7000, DLT8000 and DLT1 drives using DLTtape IV cartridge media.

DLTtape: Quality Without Compromise
DLTtape systems are recognized worldwide as the industry standard. As such, they provide the complete investment protection only available from a company that has created an installed base of more than 1.5 million drives and more than 50 million tape cartridges shipped to date – good reasons why DLTtape always means quality.

Tandberg Data SDLT220 Specifications
Capacity Transfer Rate Media Load Time File Access Time [avg] Media
Native Compressed* Native Compressed*
110GB 220GB 40GB/hr 80GB/hr 12sec 70 sec SDLTtape (110GB native)
Tandberg Data SDLT220 Configurations
Tape Drive
Drive Kit
Drive Kit
Resource CD (documentation/drivers) incl. incl. incl.
3 Year Warranty Card incl. incl. incl.
External Ultra 2/LVD Interface Cable - - incl.
External Terminator - - incl.
Media - incl. incl.
Cleaning Cartridge - incl. incl.
Tandberg Data SDLT220 Solutions
ARCserve®2000 Work Group Edition for NT / Win 2000 / NW or ARCserve Advanced Edition (Multiple Servers) for NT / Win 2000 / NW.
See the most recent Tandberg Data Software Compatibility Guide for a complete list of software and platforms compatible with the Tandberg SDLT220 Drive
* Assumes 2:1 data compression

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