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Tandberg M Series LibraryTandberg M-Series Libraries
Modular Midrange Data Protection
Tandberg M1500 and M2500 - Backup That Stacks Up

Modular, Stackable Data Protection

The M-Series, M1500 and M2500, is an automated tape library family that allows cross-product intermixability and true modular scalability. The M-Series automated tape libraries are designed for companies that are seeking the ability to scale their tape backup solution as their needs change while maximizing their total backup investment. Whatever the size of the organization, the M-Series' modular design allows for easy upgrades, reliable data backup and highly available data protection where and when it's needed. With the greatest density per cubic foot in its
class, the M-Series libraries require very little valuable data center space to accomodate their compact designs.

Flexible Configurations to Meet Changing Needs
With the ability to mix and match the M1500 with M2500 modules, the M-Series product family can be right-sized for all storage needs. The M2500 adds increased value and scalability to existing M1500 libraries, without moving over to a new library platform.

It eliminates the problem of buying more backup capacity and performance than required and, with its incremental modularity, the M-Series can help manage the backup budget on a "buy as-needed" basis. Modules can be ordered in driveless configurations when only capacity requirements increase. To accommodate future or unexpected growth, modules can be added as needed through a simple field upgrade without returning current products to the factory and without taking the installed units "offline" or out of the rack.

Modularity for the Greatest Flexibility
Up to ten M1500 or up to three M2500 modules can be configured in a standard 72-inch high rack to look and act like a single large library by utilizing the StackLinkô pass-through mechanism. Management of the modules is simple - any module can act as the control module and the stack is "seen" as a single library to the software. Each M1500 module includes two removable magazines while the M2500 module includes eight removable magazines1 that allows for easy bulk loading and unloading.

High Density Saves Valuable Data Center Space
The M2500 utilizes space to its fullest by integrating up to six tape drives, 100 LTO Ultrium cartridges2 (10 TByte native) or 84 SDLTtape cartridges2 (13.4 TByte native) in 13.5Us (24 inches) of rack space.

The M1500 utilizes rack space to its fullest by integrating up to two tape drives, 25 LTO Ultrium cartridges (2.5 TByte native) or 21 SDLTtape cartridges (3.36 TByte native) in 4Us (seven inches) of rack space. The M-Series are by far the most space efficient tape libraries in its class.

Key Features
  • Scalable from one to 20 drives for a performance up to 2.2 TByte/hr
  • Expands from 20 to 300 cartridges for native capacity up to 40 TByte
  • Supports Tandberg SDLT320 or LTO Ultrium tape drives
  • Fast, easy expansion with multiple intermixable M1500 and M2500 modules
  • Move, replace and add modules as needed while systems stay online
  • Hot-swappable tape drives and hot-swappable redundant power supplies
  • 3-year warranty
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