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Tandberg LTO Autoloader up to 4Tb 35/70Mb per sec transfer rate

The Tandberg LTO Autoloader brings you the productivity and security of an automated tape solution, as well as the proven reliability and scalability of LTO technology.

LTO2 boosts capacity and performance
The new LTO2 version of the desktop Autoloader offers more than twice the capacity and performance at a lower cost per gigabyte than the LTO1 version. With the same number of cartridges (7 in magazine, 3 fixed slots) as DLT and SDLT, the LTO2 Autoloader offers 2.0 / 4.0 TByte and 252 GB per hour (compressed) thanks to the high data transfer rate of the LTO2 drive! The backup time of the LTO2 Autoloader is reduced from the previous 8 hours and 40 minutes per TByte with the LTO1 version to 3 hours and 58 minutes with LTO2. Users therefore gain valuable time not only by the daily backup but also in the more important case of a quick restore of the data.

The Tandberg LTO Autoloader also supports an automatic drive cleaning feature which does not require operator intervention. In addition, the optional barcode reader provides an inventory of stored data and automated media tracking so that access to stored data is fast and simple.

Integration and Administration – Made Easy
The Tandberg LTO Autoloader fits easily on a desktop or server and the 4U size allows two units to be placed side by side in a standard 19 inch rack. With simplistic and comprehensive diagnostics, user-friendly coñguration and installation, the Tandberg LTO Autoloader provides the industry.s easiest maintenance for the network administrator.


LTO Autoloader

  • Up to 4TB* storage capacity
  • Up to 252GB*/hr transfer rate
  • Fits easily on a desk, in a rack or on top of a server
  • Removable magazine for easy storage management
  • Optional barcode reader for fast cartridge inventory and data retrieval
  • Added security with TapeAlert
  • Supported by all major software suppliers
  • 3-year warranty

tandberg LTO autoloader pricing

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Tel: (0)1204 396301   Fax: (0)1204 396301
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