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Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader  up to 640Gb

The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader is a significant advancement in automation innovation; a reassuring extension of the industry-standard DLT technology and a revolutionary development in tape automation.

Hands-free Reliable Unattended Backup
Users small and large rely on automation because it reduces IT overhead, offers increases in capacity over standalone tape drives, provides random access to several cartridges, and eliminates human intervention, the number one cause of data loss. The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader provides all of these benefits at a price that is comparable to some stand-alone tape drives! This is an unparalleled value for reliable industry-standard DLT automation.

Rack Optimized for Slim Spaces
Data center space in computer environments is at a premium and has been filling up at an unprecedented rate, resulting in the IT industry moving toward efficient footprints for servers and storage. The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader is the next step toward greater density in computer environments. The combination of the high capacity provided by the industry's only half-height DLT tape drive and the new 2U autoloader provides best-of-breed data density when implemented in rack-optimized installations.

Integration and Administration - Made Easy
The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader uses a menu-driven, easy to operate LCD display to operate the loader. The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader also features automated cartridge management for import and export of data cartridges. Users are presented with cartridges for export and prompted for import.

Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader


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