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Energy consumption for storage is becoming a major concern. On average, data centres are using 48% of there energy just for power and cooling and an additional 38% for storage and backup. Data centres are rapidly running out of power and cooling. It is expected that one third will exceed their power and cooling capacities by the end of 2007.

Recent surveys have shown that 60% of data will never be accessed again. Archiving data from disk to tape has major benefits; you can reduce the number of disks required, reduce backup and restore Times and reduce power consumption. Tape is ideal for long-term storage with a shelf life of over 30 years, data stored on tape consumes no power and does not require cooling.

Performing faster backups consumes less power and increases reliability.

Tandberg Data is first to market with LTO-4, the industry standard in tape backup.  LTO-4 is designed for maximum capacity, performance, reliability and security, up to 1.6 TB (compressed) of storage at speeds up to 864 GB/hr (compressed).  Performing faster backups consumes less power and increases reliability, less wear and tear on the server.

Tandberg Data LTO-4 LTO 4 ExternalLTO-4 is the first LTO drive to utilise hardware encryption, to enable encryption a software key is installed on the target drive which ensures that tapes written by this drive can only be read back in this drive or drives with the same encryption key installed.

If you do not require the capacity or speed of LTO-4 then you should consider the Tandberg Data LTO-3 HH.  The Tandberg Data LTO-3 drive produces less heat and also consumes considerably less power than any other LTO drive on the market, 35% less power than HP LTO-3 and 54% less than Quantum LTO-3.

Tandberg Data is a leading manufacturer of tape storage and automation backup products with over 25years experience and many leading OEM endorsements, including IBM, Dell, Apple, Fujitsu Siemens Computers etc.  Tandberg Data has a broad range of backup products, if you need help or advice choosing the best backup solution then please contact us:

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