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LTO2 LTO-2 Tandberg Storage Solution 440LTO FH

Compatibility with first generation LTO technology
The Tandberg LTO2 440LTO can also help improve performance when used with first-generation Ultrium media; however, using Ultrium 2 media can require fewer tapes to help lower cost of ownership. Coexistence with first-generation Ultrium tape technology is designed to allow for upgrades, helping to protect customers' investments in drives, media and tape automation platforms.

Flexible attachment
The Ultra-160 SCSI attachment is designed to allow standalone servers to exploit the tape drive when natively attached.

Low total cost of ownership
Exploiting the performance and capacity of the Tandberg LTO2 440LTO can help reduce the number of tape cartridges, tape drives and tape libraries required in a storage environment, allowing existing customers to expand their current installation and new customers to install a cost-effective solution.

Second-generation enhancements
The Tandberg LTO-2 440LTO features several technology enhancements designed to help optimize data throughput, increase cartridge capacity and provide excellent data protection:

Digital speed matching (DSM) is designed to allow the drive to adjust its native data rate to closely match the host data rate. This feature, along with an increased buffer, can help improve throughput in an environment where the host data rate is less than optimal

A 64 MB buffer works in combination with DSM to help mask the impact of data rate fluctuations by helping reduce backhitch operations to allow the tape drive to perform at its optimal speed.

The Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML) channel is used to read and write new tapes, while maintaining first-generation Ultrium peak-detect technology to allow backwards compatibility.


  • Up to 400 GB* capacity with 252 GB*/h transferrate
  • Ultra-160 SCSI LVD interface
  • Backward read/write compatibitlity with LTO 1
  • Digital Speed Matching (DSM)
  • Enhanced servo positioning
  • 3 years warranty
Native / Compressed
Transfer rate
Native / Compressed
200GB - 400GB 35MB/s -70MB/s
File Access Time Typical Media Load Time
49s 15s
Read Compatibility Ultrium 1
Write Compatibility Ultrium 1
Media LTO Ultrium 2
Media Part Number 00432744-1
Cleaning Cartridge LTO Cleaning Cartridge
Cleaning Cartridge Part number 00432631
Warranty 3

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