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Tandberg LTO2 LTO-2 420LTO LTO Tape Drive

Intelligent Data Protection

One of the world's fastest and most compact LT02 drives
The Tandberg LTO2 420LT0 offers one of the industry's fastest transfer rates (24MB/sec native, 48MB/sec compressed) with high capacity of 200Gb (native) and 400Gb (compressed) to minimize backup times. Its compact size (only 8.4 inches deep) provides simple and easy integration into all servers and workstations.

Lowest power consumption for higher reliabilityTandberg 420LTO LTO Half Height Tape Drive
Offering the lowest power consumption (18W operating) amongst LTO tape drives on the market, the Tandberg LTO2 420LT0 has a unique airflow design that eliminates the need for a noisy fan and minimizes heat dissipation throughout the drive for greater reliability and increased MTBF.

Easy scalability to protect investments
Fully compliant with the LTO Ultrium2 format, the Tandberg LTO-2 420LT0 tape drive protects a company's investment by offering full read/write compatibility with LT01 tape drives and media. It is the first LTO tape drive offering from a 5 generation half height value-priced LTO roadmap. 420LT0 is also available in the Tandberg StorageLoader, the industry's first 1 U LTO autoloader offering up to 3.2TB* of automated storage capacity.

Enterprise-level performance
The Tandberg LTO-2 420LT0 features an Automatic Variable Transfer Rate to match host transfer speeds, as well as a state of the art Ultra 320 SCSI interface, providing maximum data throughput and backup and restore times.

Cartridge environment secures data
Tandberg Data's patented "Smart tripper" technology securely locks the media leader pin to help insure positive tape loading. The drive also includes an embedded media management feature for intelligent diagnostics and tape alerts along with an automatic head cleaning brush for advanced preventive maintenance and reduced down times.

Low cost per Gigabyte
An affordable entry-level cost, high performance combi
ned with enterprise-level reliability and features makes the Tandberg LTO2 420LT0 the best price/performance tape drive in the industry.

Designed with quality in mind
The LTO-2 420LT0 is backed by Tandberg's more than 25 years of experience in linear tape technology research, design and manufacturing.

* 2:1 Hardware Data compression

LTO2 420LTO Features and benefits

This half-height compact tape drive is one of the world's fastest and most compact, delivering the economic value and high performance required for the SMB market

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